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Quality - Healthy - Sustainable - Convenient

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100% Black Angus Quality

Angus beef is known for its superior quality palitablilty, flavor, juciness, and tenderness compared to other breeds of beef. This is because Angus traits allow for more evenly distributed intermuscular fat, known as marbling.

No Added Hormones.png

No Added Hormones

Our animals are all natural. No added hormones, ever. Thats our promise.


No Antibiotics

Our cattle are  free of harmful antibiotics. Your meat is inspected and passed by a Wisconsin Department of Agriculture inspector prior to sale.

Large black steers bulls on a field of a

Pasture Raised- Grain Finished

Our animals are raised on pasture using rotational grazing methods that improve the soil health. Grain finished  with 24/7 forage access for healthier and higher quality finishing.  No cramped feedlots.


We are all about providing an eating experience to remember. Our pasture raised-grain finished beef is of the best quality. We specifically manage our herd for high quality traits that are favorable for a high quality end product.

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Dry Aged 10-14 Days

Our beef is processed at Cal-Packers located in Elk Mound, WI (Wisconsin Department of Agriculture inspected facility). Our beef carcasses are "dry aged" for 10-14 days before being processed. Dry aging is a method used to allow natural enzymes to break down protein fibers resulting in a tender product that you'll be sure to enjoy.

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Farm Direct to Consumer

When you buy from us you are getting more than just a beef product. You are getting high quality Angus beef, peace of mind knowing how that animal was raised, what it was fed, that it is safe for consumption, free from harmful additives, healthy and nutritious food for your family. All with three convenient options to buy products at the farm, at the butcher (wholesale), or your favorite cuts shipped to your door step.

100% Recyclable Shipping Materials!

  • 2" insulation layer comprised of recycled materials keeps your products frozen through delivery to your door. When your done with it, it can be disposed of in your recycling!
  • Recyclable cardboard box
  • Food safe non-toxic frozen gel packs. Reuse and repurpose them! 
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