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Quarter and Half share options available. Slots are limited so please reserve your slot before they are all taken! First come, first serve! See ordering process below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please note that we currently cannot ship our wholesale orders. Wholesale orders are pick-up or local delivery only!

Pricing and Ordering Process


$2.75 per pound hanging weight for quarters or halves plus processing. Processing not included.

After your order is placed, your spot is reserved. We will send you a confirmation email confirming your order and the specific date your order is scheduled to be processed at the butcher. Because we will not know the actual hanging weight until the animal is harvested, we will send you an invoice via email of the final outstanding balance the day the animal is harvested. Once the animal is harvested, it typically takes 2-4 weeks for the animal to be dry aged, cut and packaged. Outstanding balance is due prior to you taking delivery of the final product. Hanging weight cost is paid to Springvale Angus. You may pay by check, card or cash. The processing costs are additional and are to be paid directly to butcher. Processing costs typically cost $190* for a quarter and $380* for a half. Actual processing costs can vary depending on types of cuts or specialty items you order. Expected total cost for a 1/4 steer is $750-$800* including processing, $1,500-$1600* for a 1/2 steer including processing.

Due to the large quantity of meat, shipping wholesale orders via USPS or UPS is cost prohibitive. Therefor, all wholesale orders must either be picked up by the buyer directly from the processor or from Springvale Angus by appointment. Please select "Farm Pick-up or Local Delivery" when ordering. 


Understanding Terminology


The "Live Weight" of an animal is the weight of the animal while it is alive, or "on the hoof." The "Live Weight" of our finished Angus steer is approximately 1400 lbs.* at the time it is processed. 


The "Hanging Weight" of an animal is the weight of the carcass after most of the non-edible portions are removed ie. hoofs, hide, some blood, head, organs, etc. The "Hanging Weight" is typically 60%* of the live weight. So if the steer had a 1400 lb* "Live Weight", the expected "Hanging Weight" would be 840 lbs.*


The "Take Home Weight" is the final product that you, the consumer, will take home from the processer. The "Take Home Weight" is typically 60%* of the "hanging weight."  The 40%* loss of the "Hanging Weight" is due to water loss during the aging process (10-14 days) and trimming of fat and bone during the cutting process. This also varies depending on the type of cuts that you order as some cuts may be bone in or some may be boneless. The "Take Home Weight" for a full (1400 lb.* Live Weight) steer is typically 500 lbs.* for a "Whole beef", 250 lbs.* for a "half beef", and 125 lbs.* for a "quarter beef." 


"Split Half" relates to orders of a 1/4 beef. If you order a quarter beef, what you will receive is commonly called a “split half.” Because, the cuts of meat in the front half differs dramatically from the back half, you will get an even split of cuts from both the front quarter and hind quarter for fairness for each customer.

What You Can Expect to Get

Below yield is for example purposes only. You may work with the butcher to customize your order however you would like.


1/4 Black Angus Steer

2 Sirloin Tip Roasts

2 Arm Roasts

5 Chuck Roasts

4 Filet Mignon

6 New York Strip Steaks

6 Ribeye Steaks

4 Sirloin Steaks

35 lbs. Ground Beef

3 Short Ribs

1/4 Brisket

Offal (optional)

*Approximately 4-5 cubic foot of freezer space needed.

1/2 Black Angus Steer

4 Sirloin Tip Roasts

4 Arm Roasts

10 Chuck Roasts

8 Filet Mignon

12 New York Strip Steaks

12 Ribeye Steaks

8 Sirloin Steaks

70 lbs. Ground Beef

6 Short Ribs

1/2 Brisket

Offal (optional)

* Approximately 7-8 cubic foot of freezer space needed.

*all weights and percentages above are for example purposes only and are approximate. Actual weights will differ depending on a variety of factors such as the exact live weight of the animal, types of cuts you choose, length of aging etc.

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